A sound mind exists only in a sound body. The HMR International School realizes this fact and gives equal importance to physical development along with studies. Sports play an important role in the overall development of a child. The Physical Education (PE) space is more about cooperation than competition.  Fitness is essential to growth and achievement. By fitness, we are not just implying a well groomed physique, rather a healthy mind and body, an infinite strength that helps to act spontaneously.  Our system integrates an active sports schedule with training in Yoga and Meditation improves mental power and concentration. Physical education programs are an important part of the daily programs for students.  The following sports facilities are provided in our school.

  • Yoga                                                                
  • Athletics
  • Badminton
  • Basket Ball
  • Foot ball
  • Throw Ball
  • Volley Ball
  • Cricket
  • Table Tennis
  • Indoor  games

Physical Education is not one-particular-game oriented but emphasizes all-round development of hands-on motor skills, co-ordination, movement, health and nutrition, first aid and game skills for games such as cricket, football, basketball, throw ball and athletics. The school encourages a variety of sports to keep children competitive and have team spirit.