Republic day is celebrated every year on 26th January to commemorate the date and moment when the constitution of India came into effect.  This day marks the date of our nation.  It is a day of remembrance, thanksgiving and rejoicing.  It is a day to remember and keep alive the fond memories of national heroes who have shed their blood for the freedom of our nation.  HMR International School had a pre republic day celebration on 26th January 2014 with great pomp and grandeur.  Various programs were held on this day.  The program commenced at around 8.30 am.  All the children assembled together to witness the celebration.  The program started with a patriotic song sung by the students of HMR International School.  Students of Grade VI and VII spoke a few words on Republic day in English and in Hindi.  The speech was delivered in an explaining manner and was very energetic and patriotic; this was followed by an English skit which depicted a true picture on the life and customs of the people of the respective state and the progress they have made after independence.  The festivity of Republic day concluded with the national pledge and by singing the National Anthem as a ode of respect to our Nation.