Performing Arts

Music, theatre, visual arts and dance are an essential part of life at HMR International School to develop varied interest and talents of the students. The HMR International School undertakes many co-curricular activities to reveal the best in the children. The school believes in “WHOLESOME” and “HOLISTIC” education and different activities like talks, demos, consciousness, educational visits, field trips, cultural activities, Intra and Interschool Competitions are held to take away the monotony of the classroom. HMR believes that the creative arts are to develop people and communities understanding of Indian as well as global cultures and the common themes that unite societies. Participation in one of the co-curricular activities is compulsory. In the continuous and comprehensive evaluation of the students the performance in one or two co-curricular activities will be graded and the marks will be entered in the certificate.

Art and Music encourage a totally different part of a student's intelligence and thoughts. 


Students at HMR pursue a visual art curriculum that helps them to build their imagination and the skill to converse with others through visual arts. HMR allow students to sharpen their power of observation in visual ways. The art works produced at HMR International School are theoretical and have a strong original influence. HMR International School helps the students to integrate creativity and innovation. Painting, drawing, glass painting, crafting, recycling the used products and hand-block printing are some of the arts the HMR students learn. The arts are inspiring, engaging and HMR assist students in learning appropriate and positive skills.


HMR conducts a classical as well as folk dances of our country. Traditional Indian Dances are taught by experienced and skilled teachers in the Dance class. Children are taught in depth about the different dance forms depending to promote art and culture among our young minds.HMR International School organizes performances by well-known artistes from different field. Students at HMR exhibit their talent during the annual day celebrations as well as on talent day.


The Music Department of HMR International School teaches the students Indian classical music and folk music of our country. A unique feature of the HMR International School is the school choir comprising of students and teachers. There is a performance room in the school which helps in developing the musical and special intelligence of the children. Children are taught in depth about the music depending on their interest and ability.