14/09/2013: "P T M" & "ORIENTATION PROGRAM"

PTM is held on 14/09/2013 at the school auditorium between 9.00 am to 12.30 pm.  There were more than 200 parents who had attended the meeting.  All parents were allowed to meet their wards class teachers as well as subject teachers.  All of them got their ward’s marks card, monthly report and details about health.  Parents gave a very good feedback about the academics and co-curricular activities. They did not forget to express their gratitude that their ward is in the right place. And also HMR International School conducted a workshop on “Street Food and Food Borne Illness” to Parents of HMR Children. Because HMR is very keen in children’s Health. This was addressed by Address Health. Parents participated with high energy and got to know what are Pros and cons of using street food. They have clarified their questions by asking in the Program. In the Workshop few videos are played how the shops are maintained in the streets. How we get food borne disease by consuming contaminated food or beverages. Below are advantages and disadvantages of Street Food.



1. it’s easily available.
2. Cost is not much.
3. It's don't take much time to prepared food.
4. You can eat every where.
5. When home made food don't available, you can easily buy it from street.
6. People satisfied with the food.
7. People save time from make food.
8. People who haven't enough time to make food then they can buy from street easily.


1. it’s not a hygienic food.
2. People fall ill after taking it food.
3. It invites obesity.
4. Many time people get steal food.
5. People get sieve ring kind of health problems.


At the end of the Program parents was fully satisfied and was thanking both HMR International School and Address Health for organising the Workshop on “Street Food and Food Borne Illness”