The HMR International School believes in keeping pace with the development of technology and so has provided computer laboratories, which cater to each student who has an individual computer to work on. The HMR School has an excellent computer lab which helps the child to facilitate modern teaching methodologies. HMR Computer lab spaciously equipped with Windows 7 and multimedia PCs all networked to common file servers and connected to the outside world via the internet.  

We have a strong team of professionals from the field of computers to guide the students and the latest changes in this field.  We also have a multimedia theatre stocked with reference books and compact discs of the interest range to all ages and workshops will be organized from time to time. The HMR computer department provides hardware and software to help teachers improve student learning. The school's core academic and administrative areas have been wired by a fiber optic network. This is powered by state-of-the-art servers and broadband connectivity. Computers are used to teach computer science courses and as a resource for educational and administrative purposes.