At HMR Euro kids every individual child is nurtured in homely environment .Our curriculum is designed with perspective and we as educationists play our roles with the same ideology. The programme at HMR Eurokids Kids aims at making the transition from home to school easy, by providing the warm, safe and caring and learning environment that young children have at home. Our schools offer wholesome, fun-filled and memorable childhood education to our children. The  curriculum is segregated into fun with Math, Jolly Phonics, Reading and writing, Eco-friendly, music and movement ,Art, Audio – visual and outdoor activities. All Eurokids teachers are trained in early childhood development, and all Pre-Schools are designed and equipped to meet the unique needs of children in each appropriate age group.

The objective of Euro kids program is to cultivate a love for learning in the child and to facilitate a smooth transition from preschool to primary school. The program offers a child centered curriculum which gives every child the opportunity to learn at his own pace.  Oriented multiple Intelligence learning to enhance their literary skill, thinking skill, social and emotional skill. Activities are taught to children on theme based. Hence we follow day to day assessment method which is a constant process of collecting the child’s bustle which speaks for themselves.