16/11/2013: FUN FEST

HMR Family celebrated its first ever fun recreational event under the name “FUNFEST – 2013” on 16th November 2013, which went on with a noteworthy cause, that the profit earned went in to help the people in need. The foul weather at the weekend did nothing to deter the vibrant joy and enthusiasm among our fun seekers at school.  All the teachers brought in their best healthy scrumptious homemade dishes for the sale and there were various fun games that were also conducted. Our children filled with joy in their hearts and pockets filled with their piggy bank savings began to enjoy the day’s event with their parents and friends. There was a magic show that was conducted by a renowned magician Mr. Surya, who through this knacks and magic spells amused our children. There were various mouth watering, toothsome foods like creamy cakes, pastries, spicy chats, yummy recipes and sweet delicacies which were all on for sale at reasonable rates. The earned profit was then generously endowed with joy and was then funded to “Lakshmamma Anathashram”.  The event was a grand success and the joy of having spent the weekend for a healthy cause was truly a joy deep inside everyone’s heart.