Q.    At what age does HMR International School allow students to start?

        HMR allows children to start KG1 in the calendar year that they turn 4.     


Q.   What board is the school affiliated to?

The Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi

  • The CBSE syllabus is presented in a scientific manner. The entire syllabus is divided into units and every unit is allotted the number of periods required and also the weightage of marks it will carry in the examination. Thus, the teacher and student can plan the study of the various segments of the syllabus accordingly.
  • It is a myth that CBSE is not well recognized all over the world. CBSE has in recent years been very proactive in devising new courses that are academic with a vocational slant. It is responsive to the needs of a dynamically changing pedagogical scenario. The NCERT connection makes it a very pro-active education board and not just an examining body.
  • CBSE has well-networked state and national level sports activities.


Q. What are the Co-Curricular & Extracurricular activities?

Co-curricular activities, which are part of the curriculum and are graded, will be tailored to meet the needs of every child.

Co-curricular activities and extracurricular activities will be held during school hours.

Co-curricular activities, which are part of the curriculum and are graded, will be tailored to meet the needs of every child. Example: Art & Craft, Games, SUPW etc.


Q. What is the admissions procedure?

We begin the admission process in March prior to the year in which your child starts KG1 at HMR. We invite parents whose children may get accepted, to meet with the Head in order to share information about your child and HMR School.


Q. Does entry at the Pre-Prep school mean that my child can stay at HMR all the way to Matric?

Yes, unless we believe that the learning needs of your child would be better addressed by another school, or if your child does not meet the minimum academic requirements to continue to the Prep School and/or the High School.


Q. Do you assess the children before they come to HMR Pre-Prep?

We only meet and observe the children prior to entry.


Q. What happens if my child is not mature enough to cope in a class?

As in the aforementioned case, we will look at each child and assess the situation on merit for the benefit of the child.


Q. Do you have specialists at the school that can identify a problem if my child has one?

Yes. Our staffs are very well equipped to do this and then, in consultation with the parents, an assessment can be arranged with the necessary therapist at school.