15/11/2013 & 16/11/2013: Creya IGNITED MINDS CHALLENGE (Interschool Workshop)

HMR is keen in children's growth and inspiring the next generation Kids. Every Activity, every project every Challenge, every Moment in HMR is an opportunity to ask questions,  think critically and make informed decisions.  So it made a team from the school and participated in Creya IGNITED MINDS CHALLENGE 2013 on Nov 15 and Nov16. Our School  was appreciated by Creya for our performance. Our students performance was Excellent. For this challenge around 20 schools has participated in Bangalore and one of them was HMR. It was an incredible team challenge for the participants to experience the joy of learning, explore their true potential and celebrate the beauty of applying theory to solving real – world problems. It is about using the creative right-side and logical left side of the brain as one unit. 

Creya IGNITED MINDS CHALLENGE 2013 was for two days, the first day was training for the students. They gave tips on how to overcome challenges. They divided the school team into two, one was engineering team and the other was designing team. They gave training and sample challenge on day1 and out of top 3 schools our school was one of the best 3 schools.

The topic for challenge was “National Disaster” and our team was so active after long conversation the Engineering team decided to prepare “Special Bridge” which can be used at the time of disasters and it can be used in normal conditions also. The beauty of bridge is, it can be prepared or dismantled in no time and the other use is it can be used manually and with battery also. The other side the Designing team decided to prepare a document on disaster and they named as “Future Stars”. The two teams together showed demo to the judges and it was appreciated by the judges. It was splendid job done by the little minds of HMR.