Counselling at The HMR International School is headed by professional counsellors and doctors from “Address Health Solutions India Pvt  Ltd”. The Address School Health Programme has been designed by a multidisciplinary team of paediatricians, public health physicians, nutritionists, experts in mental & behavioural health and experts in health informatics. The programmes are based on the WHO guidelines for school health and address the growing health concerns of urban schools in India. We have built Address School Health with the motto of maximum engagement with minimal intrusion into the academic calendar.

The school’s counselling service is open to every member of the HMR family. The centre counsels students with learning disabilities, hyperactive behavioral problems etc right from nursery to high school.  Through discussion, in a safe place in confidence, with someone trustworthy, worries are shared with qualified doctors and counsellors.

The capability and the outreach of the counsellors in the school are limited to an initial assessment of the issue.