CCA Activity

A student competition is where an individual or a team competes for a prize where skill is the main predictor of the winner. Student competitions help to bring about a student’s best effort by inspiring creativity and challenging the student to utilize their skills. Teachers incorporate student competitions as part of their curriculum to encourage students to stay on task and bring forward their best work by significantly increasing the ‘Payoff for the Student’ by providing:

  • In-class marks towards final grades.
  • An occasion to compare their skill levels and creativity with that of students across the world, as well as with their own classmates.


The activities we initiate here develop the gifted talent in each and every child to be creative and innovative. It also highly motivates them to come out of their shell and excel. By participating in these activities, a student might realize he/ she is interested in something he/ she never knew or was interested in before. It is an excellent way for a teacher to get to know her students, but a fun activity can set a positive tone while helping students get to know their classmates as well.