09/05/2013 Topic : Multiple Intelligence

It was proposed by Prof.Dr.Howard Gardner to define the concept of intelligence. It has been divided into Eight (8) Intelligence. The benefits of Multiple intelligence teaching are many, this technique can help students and teachers develop a deeper understanding of their abilities. It demonstrates the students how they can use their strength also boost their self-esteem it motivates students to learn more and to learn deeply.

  • Interpersonal Intelligence : Ability to relate to   others.                                                      
  • Logical Intelligence           :  Logical ability.
  • Intrapersonal Intelligence  :  Self – Awareness.
  • Spatial Intelligence        : Pictorial  imagination  Expression. 
  • Body Kinesthetic Intelligence  :  physical ability  & Balance.   
  • Linguistic Intelligence   :  Spoken & written Maintenance.  
  • Musical Intelligence      :  Rhythm & Musical patterns.
  • Naturalist Intelligence  : Loves the natural beauty.


Ramya. K