At HMR we have different Clubs to create awareness and sensitivity among individuals and explore their talents and leadership quality. Joining a student club opens the door to building new friendships, enhancing your academic life, and exploring career opportunities. As an active member of a student organization, you will learn important leadership and management skills as you participate in a variety of programs. It is mandatory for all students to participate in club activities which take place every Friday.


    The Linguistic club is a language club where students practice and improve their language skills. In this club, language activities like debates, group discussions, speech, essay writing, storytelling, quiz etc are conducted. The aim of the club is to develop a child’s listening, speaking and writing skills and also to improve their reading and vocabulary.


    ‘Eco-Club’  is started with a motive of generating awareness among students regarding deteriorating condition of environment, overuse of natural resources, water conservation etc. World eco- pertains to ecology, ecosystem and environment.


    In HMR Math club the students get opportunities to develop their hobby and participate in recreational mathematics, project games, discussions, debates and quiz. Also we conduct real world application of mathematics on math club hours. This helps the child to connect mathematics in day to day life and also give an opportunity to think about interesting problems and learn how to solve the problem.


    Health and wellness clubs in HMR International Schools is to make children aware of good health and sanitation practices.HMR school is tied up with Address Health Pvt Ltd, an organization which gives Sequential, comprehensive health education to teachers, students & parents, for a well informed & responsive school community. The Address School Health Programme has been designed by a multidisciplinary team of pediatricians, public health physicians, nutritionists, experts in mental & behavioral health and experts in health informatics. The programmes are based on the WHO guidelines for school health and address the growing health concerns of urban schools in India. We have built Address School Health with the motto of maximum engagement with minimal intrusion into the academic calendar.