Good Touch & Bad Touch

Good Touch and Bad Touch

An awareness program on ‘Good Touch and Bad Touch’ was conducted at HMR International School Bangalore on 13th   and   14th of August 2015. The Counsellor of the School conducted the program with an aim in bringing awareness among the students about the different types of touch and the Safety body rule- knowing one’s body, it aimed in educating and empowering children to prevent situations and teach them right form of retaliation. Children today are exposed to external environment and are around adults more on a daily basis. From childcare to schools, sports practices to dance classes, children are interacting with adults regularly, so it is crucial for children these days to know about the concept of good touch and bad touch for one’s personal safety. The program brought about awareness of Good touch-which refers to safe touch wherein a child feels happy and protected for example hug, kiss by parents. And Bad touch which refers to unsafe touch wherein one feels uncomfortable or hurt, for example hitting, kicking or touching private parts. The three areas on our body – chest, between legs and bottom (private parts), the parts covered by our swimsuit are explained to the students as well and made them understand who can touch it (when mother gives bath or Doctor check up in parent’s presence). Also the NO-GO-TELL principle is introduced to them. The children are encourage  to say ‘No’ when being touched or held uncomfortable , ‘Go’ to people in their Safe Circle (Parents, teachers, Counsellors) people who could help and protect them and ‘TELL’ experiences if they had witness without keeping any secret. Children are explained to respect their bodies and also other’s. The program concluded with an activity which encouraged the students to make a SAFE CIRCLE of theirs in a book, whom they think can protect and help them (for example parents, teachers, School Counsellor). The children showed active participation in terms of interaction and giving feedback. The program concluded in a positive note and lots of learning to take away.