7th Mini Olympic Inter School Meet @ Jain Heritage School

The students of HMR Euro kids participated in Inter-school Sports Competition which was held at Jain Heritage School  “7th Mini Olympic “ . Students of HMR won laurels to the school by winning medals and certificate in the events like shuttle relay, elephant race, 25mts race, ringing the wickets.

Shuttle Relay -Vamshi, Khizar, Harish, Pratham from UKG & LKG won 1st place.

 Elephant Race -Impana won 3rd place.

Shuttle Relay – Impana, Jasmitha, Yashika, Nandika from UKG won 3rd place.

25mts Race & Ringing the wickets-Ishaan Krishna, Betina from LKG & UKG won 1st & 2nd place.

Ringing the wickets- Mathisha from LKG won 2nd place.

25mts Running Race- Sanjana Thakur from LKG  won 2nd place.