14/1/16 "Kites Flying"

Festivals are celebrated in India with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm. There are several customs and rituals linked with these festivals which are not only pleasant and enjoyable but also beneficial for health. Makar Sankranti is one of these festivals, which is celebrated all over the India in various ways. From this day, the northward movement of the Sun begins.

The custom of flying kites is associated with Makar Sankranti. People celebrate the occasion by flying kites, from their rooftops.
People fly kites on this day because by doing it unknowingly they receive the benefits of sun exposure. During winter, our body gets infected and suffers with cough and cold and the skin also gets dry during this season. When Sun moves in Uttarayana, its rays act as medicine for the body. During kite flying the human body is continuously exposed to sun rays, which eradicates most of the infections and insanitation.

HMR celebrated the festival by flying the kites in the school premises and the kids participated with great enjoyment and lots of happiness.