A Visit to a Vishveshwaraiah museum in Bangalore on 24/07/2013 was a great excitement to students and a visual aid education in itself.  Students learned many topics related to art, science, history, space, amazing facts, etc.  Students found the facts related to different images in mirror and mirror maze and also about musical instruments and their tunes amazing.  It was a great place of interest.  In each floor students found it really store house of information from past to the present changes in every aspects of life, there were many visitors to the museum especially students from different schools.  Students were able to help each other to share the knowledge of the past, which will surely help them to mould their future to make use of their present fruitfully.

Students enjoyed every bit of their movement spent with their friends in the museum.  They made a group by themselves and collected and made a note in their scrap book of what they have seen in and around the museum.  Our teachers too were present actively to help students to understand the visit to museum better way.  Students co-operated with their teacher by maintaining well disciplined manner.

After returning to the school back students showed energetic level and discussed the experience of their visit to the museum.  It was a very enjoyable moment for kids and students too.