13/07/2013 & 14/07/2013: WORKSHOP ON - "COUNSELLING AND MENTORING"

Counselling and mentoring program are regularly conducted in the school to the teachers to intend to assist the students, school administration all the staff for the better development and to implement positive approach. The mentoring program makes necessary connections between theory and practise, its supports the professional and personal growth of the teachers.

              Regularly, the school is associated with the workshops and seminars to the teachers and to the students for the professional development and the for the better result orientation.

             Teachers are trained to nurture the new generation by using various mentoring program, to identify who is in a need of obtaining support and the quantity as well as the quality of the support of that particular student.

           Mentoring is a nurturing process, in which a more skilled person, serving as a role model, teachers, sponsors, encourages, counsels and befriends a less skilled or less experienced person for the purpose of promoting the latter’s professional development. Mentoring functions are carried out within the context of an ongoing caring relationship between the mentor and the protégé.

        The overall purpose of a Mentoring program is to improve teaching and learning such as

Initial orientation to many challenges

  1. New work setting
  2. New work culture of school community and organization
  3. New curriculum and assessment process
  4. Profession.



Improvement of professional practises

  1. Effective teaching models, strategies.
  2. Leadership and management skills.


Development of the school as a learning community.

  1. Lifelong learning orientation
  2. Moving beyond congenial to collegial.

          Professional mentors are invited regularly to conduct seminars and workshops in order to build social-emotional, academic and behavioural concerns that may arise for students, to build productive work habits and help in conflict resolutions with behavioural and academic strategies.

          The final aim and goal is to provide students with positive role modelling and experiences that promote individual growth and support in their daily lives.