31/10/2013:-Annual Sports Meet

Sports day is a red letter day on the calendar.  It is a day when students are freed from their classroom to jump & run around, freed from the feathers of learning. It is a day when children who may struggle with academic subjects show that they can run faster or jump further than anyone else.  Sports day was celebrated in HMR on 31/10/2013 “CALLISTHENIC”.  It began with hoisting of flag by our Chief Guest Mr. Govindaraju. The program started with a prayer song, accompanied by March past & Welcome Speech, display was performed from Nursery to Grade X.  It reminded us once again just how passionate students were about sports.

        They were many events for students like Jolly Penguin Race, Play & Learn, Shapes Hunt, 100 mts, 200 mts Running Race, Relay and so on. The various performances by our students were also greatly appreciated. The students were waiting with great pleasure & satisfaction and we could see unique & talented students of HMR coming out of their shell and performing well.  There were special events conducted for parents.  There was prize distribution were the students stood on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd dice & received medals from our Chairman, CEO, Principal & Teachers,

Vote of thanks was given by Mrs. Andleeb. 

The program ended with flag de hoisting & National Anthem. It was a memorable event with a grand success.